The ‘Cat Flea’ is the most common flea that can be found on cats and dogs. Fleas can even enter building structures without the presence of pets. Fleas can jump as high as 6 inches enabling them to hop on board shoes or clothing. Fleas can carry diseases or viruses. Fleas not only feed (blood meals) on animals they are also known to bite and feed off humans leaving itchy red rashes around feet and ankles. Fleas survive off of a diet of blood – which is consumed at every stage of their development. A life cycle for a flea can take as little as 2 weeks to several months.


Adult fleas can reach to be 1/8″ in size and are brown/black in color. They will turn a red/brown color when they are full of blood. Fleas are wingless pests, but have long powerful hind legs enabling them to jump on and off hosts.



Should your home become infested with fleas calling Sipple and Son Pest Control is the best way to quickly, safely and efficiently treat for fleas. We will review with you how to prepare your home and your pets prior to treatment along with the couple of necessary steps needed to be performed after treatment to ensure you are rid of fleas.


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