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Product Name Manufacturer EPA # Documents
388B Advance Whitmore Micro-Gen 499-492 MSDS   Label
4 the Birds Repellent JT Eaton 8254-5-56 MSDS   Label
40-80 Disinfectant Fosters Inc. N/A MSDS   Label
565 Plus XLO Aerosol Formula Whitmire Micro-Gen 499-290 MSDS   Label
Advance Granular Carpenter Ant Bait Whitmire Micro-Gen 499-370 MSDS   Label
Advance Liquid Ant Bait Whitmire Micro-Gen 499-491 MSDS   Label
Allure Traps Whitmire Micro-Gen N/A MSDS   Label
Arilon DuPont Nemours and Company 352-776 MSDS   Label
Avert Cockroach Gel Bait Formula 3 Whitmire Micro-Gen 499-410 MSDS   Label
Bifen I/T Control Solutions, Inc. 53883-118 MSDS   Label
Boracide Borate Powder Nisus 64405-7 MSDS   Label
Contrac Blox Bell Laboratories, Inc. 12455-79 MSDS   Label
Contrac Place Pac Bell Laboratories, Inc. 12455-75 MSDS   Label
Conquer Paragon 1021-1641-57076 MSDS   Label
Cy-Kick Whitmire Micro-Gen 499-470 MSDS   Label
Delta Dust Insecticide Bayer 432-772 MSDS   Label
Ditrac Tracking Powder Bell Laboratories, Inc. 12455-56 MSDS   Label
Drione Insecticide Bayer 432-992 MSDS   Label
DuPont Advion DuPont Nemours and Company 352-746 MSDS   Label
Essentria D Envinvio N/A MSDS   Label
Essentria G Envinvio N/A MSDS   Label
Essentria IC3 Envinvio N/A MSDS   Label
Generation Mini-Blocks LiphaTech 7173-218 MSDS   Label
Gentrol Aerosol Zoecon 2724-484 MSDS   Label
Gentrol IGR Zoecon 2724-351 MSDS   Label
Invite Fruit Fly Lure Rockwell Labs Ltd N/A MSDS   Label
Kaput Mole Gel Bait Scimetrics Ltd. Corp. 72500-2 MSDS   Label
Kaput Rodent Pellets Scimetrics Ltd. Corp. 72500-13 MSDS   Label
Maxforce Bait Station Bayer 432-1251 MSDS   Label
Maxforce FC Roach Killer Bait Gel Bayer 432-1259 MSDS   Label
Precor IGR Zoecon 2724-352 MSDS   Label
Snake-a-way Repellent Dr. T’s Nature Product 58630-1 MSDS   Label
Suspend SC Bayer 432-763 MSDS   Label
Talpirid Bell Laboratories, Inc. 12455-101 MSDS   Label
Talstar P FMC Corporation 279-3206 MSDS   Label
Taurus Control Solutions, Inc. 53883-279 MSDS   Label
Tempo Ultra WP Insecticide Bayer 432-1304 MSDS   Label
Temprid SC Bayer Environmental Science 432-1483 MSDS   Label
Termidor SC Termiticide/Insecticide BASF Corporation 7969-210 MSDS   Label
TriDie Whitmire Micro-Gen 499-385 MSDS   Label
Vector 960 Fruit Fly Traps Whitmire Micro-Gen N/A MSDS   Label
Vector Bio 5 Whitmire Micro-Gen N/A MSDS   Label
ZP Tracking Powder Bell Laboratories, Inc. 12455-16 MSDS   Label

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